Quote from Ottawa satsangs on the studies of the mystic heart.

A celebration is a quiet attitude that recognizes all that we are given. It is an attitude that perceives our physical body as the ultimate tool of transformation, and it is a perception that welcomes, in neutrality, all the flavours of life.
Celebration is the correct perception that we are the joy and pride of the divine, that the whole creation is an expression of the love, care and joy of the divine.
What we celebrate is the privilege to learn through our diverse experiences. It is the togetherness and complicity of the divine with us. We celebrate the cycles of nature, the cycles of our community and the unseeing support of the divine. Celebrate is a prostration in humbleness to the honour to be self-conscious, to be given all, and to manage all.
From the mystic point of view, the heart holds a space where Celebration’s attribute is stimulated. That gathering of energy or “ Council of Celebration” promotes acceptance of the choices of your experiences.
We have the opportunity of being assisted by the Council of Celebration when we are sitting with ourselves and recognize that our minds are revisiting, over and over, experiences that are hard to let go of. For instance, in one retreat, one student commented, “I entered the retreat in perfect contentment; however, an unpleasant event that happened 20 years ago with a boyfriend keeps coming up in my mind. I was sure I had forgiven this guy for his immaturity; however, I realize that I have not forgiven myself”.
The self-forgiveness aspect is the attitude to decrease our pride. It is to welcome the part of ourselves that acted in immaturity, with blind impulses or hidden agendas, to the circle that forms all the rest of us. Self-forgiveness invites all parts of ourselves to share all our experiences at the table and to toast in Celebration how each one has enriched us.
Celebration without depth makes you superficial. Celebration that invites all parts of you to participate makes you belong to all and be peaceful and content.
The contentment coming from Celebration gives the impulse to serve and to invite others to share your joy and peace. When Celebration is quiet, it is peace and when Celebration is active, it is service.
The council of Celebration is a space that showers you with neutrality where you recognize that it is no right or wrong, but only a play of Celebration where all beings meet together with distinctive roles and choices.
With this fluid of Celebration, you accept the play of life, the contracts you had made and the freedom of your experiences. You are no longer making stories about anything; you are just happy and accepting the play and the rules of the game. It holds the attributes of life: fun, pleasure, happiness, creativity, personality, play, self-forgiveness and acceptance of Lila.

Celebration is the very nature of the karmic heart. It gives you the vibration to recognize that everything you have experienced – good, bad, ugly or beautiful is a celebration of creation. All forms and experiences are never judged or condemned. It is the opposite; they are the pride of nature, and we are the Celebration of nature.
The highest wisdom is to be established in Celebration. It is a perspective that sustains the heartbeat, the cycles of life, the exchange of energy between races of different dimensions, and between all parts of you.
Celebration is a quiet acknowledgement of our place in creation and how much care we receive. Celebration is a prostration of gratitude, a simple recognition of what life is.