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Berdhanya library of teachings cover multiple topics. Her lectures are usually recorded and put in a format for anyone to download and learn. The meditations and satsangs are one hour in length and are divided in 3 segments: Meditation, knowledge and a period of A/Q.

You will receive your 3 parts at once class. Complete your payment and download in your computer.


Inner Mastery Meditation Series


Knowing your inner Mastery

These series of  meditations/ talks enhance, declare and stimulate the inner passage from the state of “being” to the state of belonging or the total surrender of the self. From Sept. 1 2015 to the fall of 2017 Berdhanya’s teachings are focusing on inner mastery and self-cultivation. These meditations empower step by step the different aspects, cycles and explorations for this inner journey. Consolidating your inner mastery is to see and manage all your cosmology in easiness and confidence.

These series of meditations touches different topics that are in relation to the depth and height of our unconscious cosmology and inner realization. The meditations explore inner astronomy, astrology, anatomy, gemology and the state of belonging.


The Emerald Series

Introduction to Inner Mastery

Vibrational Self Meditation/satsang Series

From form to formless

This series is a journey to the subtle aspects of yourself. Each meditation allows vibration, light and unity to descend into the different parts of your physical reality.
All things, all beings and all activities, no matter how ordinary, are equal expressions of the subtle, refined nature of the Infinite. There is no more or less Infinite, no higher or lower Infinite. However, our mind gives value to the concrete, to the logic and to what is palpable. Therefore, it the mind that misses the etheric aspects of oneself and bases its identity on an illusionary perception.
This meditation series bring sensibility and inner contemplation on the subtle aspects of oneself and encourages one to trust the unseen power of the infinite to be the guiding force of our lives.



Natural Detachment Meditations/satsang Series

From attachment to freedom

This series of meditations/talks stimulates healing in the energetic structure of being through right perception and through an invitation towards detachment.
Detachment from personality, concepts, limiting beliefs and values occupies a great space within us. The natural forces of beauty, balance and wisdom can reside within by liberating these spaces.
These meditations/talks facilitate the understanding that detachment is not an act of our will but a soft process of compassion. The inner violence to change, to fight and to go against our nature injures our will and enhances the sense of ego. With this series of meditations the mind has a chance to understand the fundamental non-violent approach to self-realization.


Effortless Heart Meditation/Satsang Series

From Head to Heart

The “Effortless Heart Meditation Series” enhances and stimulates the natural attributes of the mystic heart. It differentiates sentimentality from real emotion and gives the seeker the opportunity to consolidate equanimity and compassion.
Practicing what you already are is the true medicine of the heart. It is a medicine that is never against anything and it involves, welcomes and comforts all parts of you.
Practicing this natural attitude of the heart destroys all illness, duality, pain, karma and ego. Trust that all is being taken care of by practicing this heart medicine. All is contained in the essence of Love and in the pungent dynamics of the divine.
Allowing Love to be, practicing compassion and having the patience to let things take their natural course is the energy of enlightenment, the energy of the sun and the health and unity of the heart.
This series of  meditation are complemented by the book ” the Mystic Heart”


Empowering Healing Meditations/Satsangs

Empowering surrender and emptiness

Within each of our forms lies the existential mystery of being. Apart from one’s physical appearance, personality, gender, history, occupation, hopes and dreams and comings and goings there lies a pungent silence, an abyss of stillness charged with an etheric presence. When we resonate and align our trivialities we tap into the everlasting force of our core. As much as we know this “in-tune experience” brings wealth, healing and full realization we avoid its silence, it utter emptiness and intimate healing.
These meditations encourage the parts of us that resist, avoid and negotiate with the power of our core to relax, to understand and to surrender to the glory of our emptiness.


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