21 days Purification Retreat with Berdhanya and Dr. Shamna

Kerala India

 Nov. 4 a Nov. 27 2018

Regeneration and Rebirth.

Purification and Rebirth

This retreat combine Berdhanya Teachings with the science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has a branch of purification call Panchakarma or the natural way to regenerate and purify body, mind and spirit. In this retreat, a personalized, holistic 21-day program for purification and regeneration  will be designed for you by Dr. Shamna Prajith, which may include daily bodywork, herbal formulas and a specialized diet. Berdhanya will be supporting your purification with corresponding teachings. Also enjoy teachings on ayurveda with Dr. Shamna and cultural activities.

” These times is about deepening the self-care and understanding of our own death and life. It is about the deepest surrender of all you notions of self. It is a great opportunity to rebirth at the very core of your essence and to allow the great intelligence to take care of you”.



LOCATION: Kannur, Kerala (South India)

ACCOMMODATIONS: Seashell is a cozy home stay facing the Arabic sea. It will be reserved for our group only, and different types of accommodations will be available (private or shared). Vegetarian and ayurvedic meals will be served. Please make your reservations with Dr. Shamna. (See here for more details)

FOOD: The resort will provide 3 meals a day for aprox. 15.00 Cd. a day.

DATES: Nov. 4 to 27 2018 ( You can book your flight 1 o 2  days before if you wish to rest before the program.)

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Ayurvedic Clinic Dhanwanthari

Dr. Shamna Prajith is the director of the Ayurvedic Clinic Dhanwanthari. She and her team will facilitate the ayuvedic consultations and panchakarma treatments. Treatments are in the resort.

 For more information on Dhanwanthari CLinic

Registrations are open Now

Price for Berdhanya Teachings

Cost: $ 1.500 Cd.

Precio por residentes en Latinamerica $ 1000.00

Price do not include accommodations,( price depends of the type of accommodation you choose.) meals ( aprox. 15.00 Cd. per day) or treatments ( aprox. 1.200 Cd. for 21 days)

Pre-requisite: Practical Awakening

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