Berdhanya Swami Tierra is a spiritual teacher, author and mystic who was born in Colombia and educated at the Incca University in Bogotá. Berdhanya Swami Tierra is dedicated to open the way to those individuals who are sincerely interested in self-cultivation and inner mastery. Berdhanya supports inner awakening and personal freedom through meditation, mystical teachings, self-inquiry and contemplation. ( see her Practical Awakening course) Her teachings has spread to reach an international audience, producing a movement of education and self-awareness in individuals and communities. Her profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that she sees as the next step in human evolution. She is the author of several books, including her latest, Steps of the seeker.

Berdhanya is based in Wakefield, QC. She teaches and travels extensively throughout the world facilitating intensives, retreat and pilgrimages. Most of the teachings are given in English and Spanish. Berdhanya hosts a weekly meditation and satsang in Ottawa, leads retreats four times a year in Canada and has a vast library of spiritual courses, lectures and guided meditations available for download at and you can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.



Emptiness delivers me, every moment

The beginning

Berdhanya was born in Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, on July 18, 1958. Her birth name is Ana Karyn Garcia. From childhood, she demonstrated unique forms of thinking and perceiving reality. She started her inner journey at the age of 14, when she had an energy awakening and received the gift of sight. She began to practice an Earth-based spirituality, developing her shamanic gifts and her natural capabilities to catalyse growth in others and to seek beyond the presented reality. Her opinions and lifestyle challenged Latin American social standards and made her a creative inspiration in the arts scene.

After psychology studies at the INCCA University of Colombia in Bogota, Berdhanya travel in the Amazon rainforest where she lived for two years. She immigrated to Canada in 1983 where she lived a “normal” life as a mother, teacher and artist for some years while her spirituality took shape, forming a unique support system for people interested in seeking self-liberation. She began to express a prolific and distinctive body of work, using a variety of media.


Founder of organizations

By the 1990s a burgeoning group of seekers was flocking to her teachings. She founded several Ottawa-based organizations to serve this growing community:

  • The Bioenergetics Institute (est. 1997) served as a platform for seekers to consolidate their inner connection through meditation, silent meditation retreats, Ayurvedic lifestyle, selfless service, healing nights and artistic expression.


  • Club Yoga (est. 2000) serves to fortify children’s natural identity and abilities through a yoga and teacher training program.
  • Both Berdhanya and her students contributed to Evolution (2003-2007), her monthly magazine devoted to inner freedom.
  • From 2007-2010, the Home of Vedic healing served as a dwelling for Vedic teachings and the application of ayurveda.
  • From 2004-2008, the Centre for the Living Arts, flourished as Ottawa’s multimedia space dedicated to educating, elevating and rehabilitating human consciousness through art.


Berdhanya as an artist

Berdhanya is still an active artist. Each one of her pieces addresses human potential and carries her unique style. Since 1981, her collections have been displayed over 80 exhibitions in numerous public galleries, museums, private galleries and governmental institutions in Colombia (Cartagena’s Public Library, The Presidential Palace of Colombia) Brazil (Federal Archives), Canada (National Archives of Canada, Ottawa City Hall), Spain, Japan, and Korea.



Her teachers

The main teacher of Berdhanya was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Over the years, Berdhanya has complemented her innate knowing with a wealth of education and training, including Ayurveda (Ayurveda College, India), herbology, homeopathy, Gestalt therapy (Synergy Center),and Kundalini yoga (Level 1&2, Yogi Bhajan, New Mexico & India).





Health and Consciousness

Berdhanya’s promotion of an Ayurvedic lifestyle was enhanced in 2011, with a partnership with the School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kannur, India. She began leading annual Ayurvedic retreats where seekers complemented their spiritual inquiry with India’s ancient healing science of purification and regeneration. She also created Satya Spices, an Ayurvedic spice blend company (now known as Viveda Spices). The Book of Taste, her popular blog dedicated to Ayurvedic recipes and knowledge about the Ayurvedic lifestyle, inspires her audience to celebrate the wisdom of Ayurveda. She also offers Ayurveda services in the Ottawa region.



Radio and TV

A wellspring of Berdhanya’s audio teachings found a home on Blog Talk Radio in 2012. Altitude, a show dedicated to the upliftment of human values, is a storehouse of precious spiritual knowledge. To listen to Altitude on Blog Talk Radio, click here. Her teachings also can be view in her TV channel.





Opening the Way to Self-Mastery

Berdhanya balances her teaching agenda with periods of reclusion in nature. She is an avid “translator” of information coming from our multidimensional existence to our human reality. It was during one of these private retreats in late 2015 that Berdhanya was moved to update and upgrade her offerings. The mystic teachings of Berdhanya Swami Tierra open the way to mastery to any sincere seeker.

Berdhanya Teachings can be described as the alignment of the various dynamics of the physical world; the power of taking inner responsibly; qualifying yourself as the creator of your life; declaring yourself as a master; defining your uniqueness and saying YES to life; and the power of maturing your subtle perceptions in order to achieve the non-achievable—self-realization.

A dynamic and eclectic spiritual teacher and visionary, Berdhanya is renowned for her sharp, direct, and illuminating feedback to students. The innocence and simplicity of her teachings, along with her charm and sense of humour, inspire students to achieve balance in their life in an effortless way. Berdhanya’s teachings are unique, fresh and are not seen anywhere else on the planet. Her mystic revelations expose a clear body of work that supports natural living, self-empowerment and inner freedom.

Berdhanya Swami Tierra is the author of many books, including her latest, The World Within. To purchase one of Berdhanya Swami Tierra’s books, click here.

Berdhanya has two grown sons and lives in Wakefield, Quebec with her husband, shamanic healer Matthew Cosgrove.


“What I appreciate most from Berdhanya’s teaching is the personal contact, where masses are not in the way, even thought I know many people receive and take refuge in her presence and teachings.  I still feel a close availability to her, meeting me in my process…step by step.  Our contact is a knock at the door of my heart to help me remember who I really am.
 It seems the world is blessed to have a few people who can radiate and embody something much deeper and more powerful than can be seen or described with words. Where and how she has found me is a blessing, and having the opportunity to grow under such a teacher always brings a downpour of gratitude to my eyes.”



“Thank you for the gift of your love and commitment to me and all of us that have been supported with your caring attention and guidance.You are a treasure!”