The Origins of Copper

Copper comes from the Arcturus Constellation. This constellation holds the force of flow of mystic and psychic connections.

When we talk about working with copper, we are referring to the unrefined, unformed copper. Natural copper serves as a powerful diffuser and conductor of energy. For example, if you are vibrating in with negativity, copper will diffuse more negativity into your environment; equally, if you are vibrating with love, love will be transmitted.

Natural copper is used to enhance communication between any present elements; they are connectors and regulators of energy and have the ability to disperse energy around the house or environment.

Working with copper can be challenging, since it conducts energy regardless of the frequency. We need it to approach copper with our purest intentions and respect. From electricity to subtle, telepathic, sound-light energies, this metal is an excellent conductor of energy over long distances and through dimensions.

Copper In The Body

Copper relates to the consciousness of blood.

Blood has the power to transmit, from one generation to the next, all of the information of the biological lineage. It is in the blood and bones that the element of copper feels welcome and supported. Copper not only protects the blood but also facilitates the flow of vitamins and nutrients to reach deeper levels of the body. Our hormones move through the bloodstream, commanding secretions in the body. Copper bonds the blood lineage between families, as well as the families of cells that form organs and tissues.

The Benefits of Copper in Healing

Copper is of great assistance on times of transition since it connects one stage of our life with the next one. In that way we are able to bring the wisdom of our lessons and to have a sense of continuity. It will connect fragmented parts of the self given them meaning and subtle connections. The flow of our life is conducted or irrigated to all parts of the self with cooper. The good and bad are all undiscriminated disperse in our environment, in our psychic and in all connecting tissues. For healing it is wise to use only raw copper.

Benefits of Copper Pyramids
The pyramid form is about ascending, grounding and stabilizing energy. Since ancient times, pyramids have been respected as the dwellings of the gods and god-like attributes. Pyramids are antennas of energy that attract the energy of the sky (love), and are able to ground and transmit that energy to earth (life).

Using pyramids in healing invites the aura of the person to mimic the attributes of the pyramid. This calls a powerful, stabilizing force that is able to transmit the energy of our intentions. Grids which are composed of copper pyramids connect information from one environment to another and from one level of existence to another. Wherever copper pyramids reside, growth is promoted (good or bad), protection is evident and energies are enhanced.

Inviting Copper Into Your Body
Copper is present in various food sources, including beans, whole grains, soy flour, wheat bran, almonds, avocados, barley, garlic, nuts, oats, blackstrap molasses, beets and lentils. Oysters are the richest source of copper in nature.

Given that our source of copper in food can be diminishing due to poor agricultural practices, the pure energetic form of copper can also be taken through a copper elixir. This energetic substance can profoundly affect your conduct-abilities. It helps the different parts of your body to communicate more clearly with each other, helping the parts of the self to gain fluidity, amalgamate,  and harmonize.

How To Use Copper Elixirs

Elixirs are energetic remedies, which work on the subtle bodies. They bring harmonization at the cellular, subconscious and unconscious levels.
Plant elixirs work in the subconscious, while stone elixirs work in the unconscious.

To use cooper elixir internally, take 1 drop 3 times a day for 11 days. Copper elixir is best taken when the moon is ascending, when energies of growth are enhanced.
The copper elixir can also be taken for 3 or 4 days when the moon is in transition, for example from full moon to new moon, especially if you tend to be affected by moon cycles.

You can also take the copper elixir when you are lacking flow or dispersion of your energy. Copper likes to move and move things, so invite your outer self to be in alignment with your inner self and that the richness of your daily lessons conduct to your inner stillness.

Benefits of Copper Elixir

Copper conducts the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Its work is to “pass it on” and it will pass on different types of energy in order or with the best desirable sequence, or order. It will also aid flow and communication between parts of the self or family.

The energy of copper elixir will support the following unconscious attributes: the assimilation of mysteries; the facilitation of self-discovery; the attraction of forces that facilitate alliances; clairvoyance; connection with the invisible; communication with the beyond or parallel worlds; meditation and ayurveda; the filtration of energy, harmonizing the new with the old;  multidimensional flow; abundance; the intensification of energies.

Stones To Use With Copper

To form grids that support healing or harmonization of psychic attributes, choose the following stones (in their natural state) to be near copper: zircon, onyx, asbestos, lapis lazuli, pebbles, moonstone, tourmaline and citrine.

Copper elixirs and pyramids work together, one being used internally and the other, externally. Both will evoke in you a beaming energy that desires to expand, connect and conduct the highest attributes of the Self.