While we are only perceiving our own personal interests, we miss the opportunity to develop a part of the heart that is a foundation to overcome  the seductions of the ego and the temptations of thinking of ourselves only. One of the inevitable exercises that life gives us is the opportunity to connect, wrestle, elevate and inspire through a community.

The concept of community is not fixed. It is something that grows within us, as we expand our awareness and our heart`s capacity for compassion. I remember that my first concept of community arose when I was aware that I belonged to a family and that family was interacting with other families more or less alike, with the same interests and same objectives in life. As I grew I did explore other communities which were in agreement with my points of view and with what I considered to be me. I remember at that time I left home and felt very excited to meet artists and innovative people, whom I felt in synchronicity with.

I started meditating and was guided by my teacher to serve communities that were in need, and I  realised then, that my concept of community had been upgraded. It was not only the artistic group that I thought I belonged to, but my sense of belonging was extended  to the group of people I served. Little by little, my need of belonging to a group(s) of people that thought the same way I did, or gave me reassurance of what I thought I was, faded in the background and my interest began to grow into my own internal community.

The internal community, as I call it, are the cells of the body. Each cell is a world in itself. It contains intelligence, it contains memories, it contains a history and it requests from the master within me to fulfill certain needs and to develop capacities that sustains its evolution. The internal community is demanding and the members are in constant interaction with each other. That interaction brings richness and balance to the entire system. That interaction relaxes the cells because they feel involved, useful and acknowledged. The internal community has an atomic capacity to manifest the divine creation into matter. Not by coincidence, the world is made up of different races that speak different languages and have certain preferences in their lifestyle.

The internal community was a fascinating state of my inner awareness, but what was more shocking was that this community had a direct representation in my outer relationships. The realisation was a dance of seeing different people coming into my life with certain attitudes and requests which were no different than the requests of my inner communities. Each person at that time needed to be honored and acknowledged for what they were, and after that process another set of people would come, just to enrich me and to show me the diversity within.

Soon after the realization of my internal community, my awareness expanded towards the non-human community within the body. It was the plant kingdom reflected in my nerves and in my lymphatic system. And it was the realms of the animals residing in the raw impulse of my belly. And I also hold the community of angels and the community of demons, and the community of semi-gods and the community of gods. These universal communities, intertwined within me, form a tapestry of interactions that enrich and challenge my inner master. It is through my neutral witness that these communities within me offer a template to the outer world to be manifested in the spirit and the intention that I choose.

Whatever state your definition of community is in, I assure you that at one point you will need to upgrade it. Whatever position you have taken in front of a community (aloof, seductive, helpful, intellectual, resentful etc.) or whatever the position is that the community has taken in front of you, both reflect your inner interaction with the cells within your body. Nothing is away from you, and all is inclusive within you. Your sense of separateness is transitorial, and sooner or later will be confronted by the natural impulse of evolution. You have within you a set of guides destined to stimulate your creative juices so you can contribute them, on a small or large scale, to the advancement of a community.

Working together for a common objective stimulates our intelligence, cooperation, and sense of belonging. Interaction with different communities enriches our horizons and inspires our destiny to truly be in service.

The absence of participation in a community narrows our possibilities and our prosperity. It slowly condemns us to interact only with our colleagues and immediate family. These limited interactions are usually based on reassuring our survival needs and to sustain our self oriented interests.

Our sense of internal community can only be nourished and expanded if we have at least six to ten different communities in which we interact, participate and serve.

In the new world, already pulsating under our feet, community cooperation will be essential.  Our way of survival will be different, it will require us to be hands-on in the production of our food, medicine and clothing. Each community will be able to exchange services and enrich each other with their crafts and skills. We will be obliged to cooperate with each other and survive times of transition in the new world, where ecological, political and social changes will be on our agenda.

The expression of our gifts¸in various communities will be our prosperity and will alleviate the inner isolation that our modern society has obliged us to experience.

As a teacher and visionary, I wish to plant a seed of inspiration into your awareness towards how close we are to each other, how intimate we are, how intertwined we are, and that every action toward another serves as a tapestry to enhance the magnificence of the divine creation within us.