Experiences facilitate our spiritual awakening. Meditation organizes the brain to cope with and to distinguish the language and laws of the world of experiences. While we are in form, we need to realize we are bound to obey the dance of the five elements, their cycles and mostly what they request from us.

 Here are the guidelines that we need to consider to support our spiritual awakening in cooperation with our Earth living. But before we mention the laws, lets review that our concrete structure is formed by four distinctive bodies: our physical body, our etheric body (connections and relations), emotional body with it nine emotions and the mental body with its five minds.

  1. Change – The Earth bodies change, they are temporary and they are only loaned to us for growth and personal learning to serve the Earth. They are not us, our essence.
  1. Live your life a 100% – Do all things and live all experiences 100%, without exaggerating and without making judgments. If we make or put any judgement about any of our moments or our experiences, they remain in our unconscious and come out later. For example, if being a teenager someone was not allowed to investigate and experiment with their sexuality, as a senior adult, they will seek experiences or relationships with very young women. Judgments don’t allow us to empty out our experiences; they limit our learning and growth.

When living 100%, without exaggerating our nine emotions, we have to reflect on what we feel and give it space so that it can be processed. If we feel rage, allow the feeling or emotion, without holding it back or trying to avoid it by making a judgment that “we should” feel something different. It is better to reflect on what is causing that emotion, to find the root cause.

  1. Complementary and supplementary forces – These are the two forces that accompany us throughout our life. The complementary forces are the forces that constitute a challenge to us, because they oppose us making change or reasoning or learning. The external forces manifest themselves through other people with whom we have difficulty. What is important is not to oppose or resist, and not to give a value to their judgments so as not to weaken our Earth bodies. The internal complementary forces are those thoughts or circumstances that prevent us from finding the space for inner learning and growth.

The supplementary forces are those that we support, promote and nourish. They teach us, provide friendship and an opportunity of self-awareness.

These two forces are within and outside of us.

  1. Be in the present moment – The Earth bodies need to be in the present moment. If the four bodies are not aligned in the center, in the present moment, they fragment or divide and then alterations and/or illnesses develop.

The physical body is always in the present, but our emotional body may be in the past and the mental body might be in the future. For example, if they are in the past remorse or regrets appear, and if they are in the future worry or concerns occur. This divides the four bodies of Earth and doesn’t allow us to process life properly.

  1. Responsibility for your life – You are the only one responsible for your life. Everything that you are living is your creation, consciously or unconsciously.

For example, we might have chosen a family that represents many challenges to us; but these challenges are in accordance with our capabilities. Sometimes we feel that what we live exceeds our capabilities. However, it is not so, as within us is the capacity or the answers to overcome those challenges or problems, because they are not greater than our strength. What happens is that sometimes we forget about our strength (resilience) and we diminish our value. You are responsible for your happiness or misery.

  1. Acceptance – It is about accepting ourselves and others as they are, giving them time to change by themselves, without forcing or expecting change. If we feel anger or rage due to circumstances or actions of others, we have to give ourselves the opportunity to accept such emotions. What hurts us is forcing a change or resisting the emotion, because this delays our growth and learning.
  1. Being in the Center – All Earth bodies operate according to your center. If you are centered, you seek happiness less outside of you. You care less about the opinions of others. When one is centered, one has interior peace, to be firm in the center.
  1. Authenticity – Be authentic. All of us have different features because each person is unique to the world. Diversity assembles the cosmic orchestra. Each one of us has a grace, a gift, which is unique to us.

For example, to be a mother you don’t need to read a book on maternity. It is a natural instinct inside of us and from the moment of birth each mother knows what her child needs.

There is a unique grace or a gift to be expressed through us. We have to avoid comparing ourselves with others so as to avoid weakening the physical bodies and failing.

  1. Education – The Earth bodies need to be educated. They need a teacher and this teacher is within us. It is the daily practice or routine of exercises (pranayamas, bastrikas and chakra breathing) that benefit the four Earth bodies so they feel happy. We are our own teacher.

When the four Earth bodies are not centered, there are fits or tantrums like anger, anxiety, worries, preoccupations, rage, etc. that develop. When they are centered, the internal “friend, counselor, mother or teacher” emerges.

With the laws of Earth and the Earth bodies you realize where you live. They are like your home that you clean and take care of. In the same way, when you leave your Earth bodies, it is not you that goes. This will be another phase involving your subconscious bodies.

As we relate with the Earth bodies of others, it is important not to make judgments or see others with bad intentions, believing that they will hurt us or complain about us.

Before making a judgement or thinking that others will hurt us, it is important to have all the information to know what is happening with the other, why they are acting or thinking that way.

We must not see malice in others or take what they say or do as harmful to us as individuals, but rather offer them compassion because they are suffering greatly. Things are not to be taken personally.