Doubt the cold edge of judgment

Doubt the Cold Edge of Judgment

There are three distinctive doubts that divert the energy of the heart. You may doubt your abilities and capabilities in front of a situation. If this is the case you will look for someone to save you, tell you what to do and direct you. You feel overwhelm and confuse. However, you will resent this because in the end this approach is not empowering you.

You may doubt your goodness, your purity and your innocence. If this is the case doubt will have a faithful companion – “guilt”. You may be very loving and admired by others; however, inside all you want is to compensate for your guilt and the doubt of your integrity. Be alert, since this position puts you in an easy place to be manipulated either by your own mind or by the request of other people.

You may doubt your path and the association that is enriching it. I have had encounters with students who use doubt about the teachings and the teacher as a way of avoiding to fully passionate or committed. I have encountered couples who are constantly doubting if the beloved is good for them or not. This again is a way to deviate the impulse of the heart to surrender and to connect.

In any of the three cases, doubt sabotages the spontaneous wisdom of the heart. It is putting you in limbo where you cannot construct or destroy anything. Doubt feeds duality. In your head there is always a question of what is right, what the best approach is and what you can do to prevent failure. With this dynamic you are judging the fundamental creativity of life. You are excluding yourself from the loving empowerment of love and life.

The mind tends to doubt what is good and uplifting for you. If I say to you I love you, your mind may answer, “really”??? But, if I say you are ugly, you take this as a true insult. You don’t doubt the self-diminishing attitudes of yourself and other people, but you doubt anything promoting self-growth.

Knowledge and confrontation of a doubting mind is the remedy for you to come out of your cold self-judgments. You need an attitude of looking at doubt straight in the eye. Use you mind to confront the doubt. Ask: Is it true that I cannot handle this situation; is it true that I cannot handle a bit of pain and discomfort? Confront the mind which gives you doubting conversations. Reassure your purity and encourage yourself to play out the roles in your life without a right and wrong conversation. See all of this as a play of your growth. See that your interactions have to discharge your full self. It is this passion that will bring self-confidence, self-success and self-respect.

The nature of the heart accepts all and participates with all. The hearts is enthusiastic about connecting, experimenting and bringing compassion into your passions.