doubt and awareness

Debility of  being is born out of doubt. Doubt makes you fearful, vulnerable and uncertain. As we doubt our capabilities we hinder our potentials. We think and believe in the “ I can nots”,  the “ maybes”, and the “ I won’t knows”. By doubting our worth, we forfeit our natural rights of presence, our wealth and our inner peace.

All of these conscious or unconscious statements contribute to a profound sabotage of the divine qualities within you. It creates an ambiance of doubt that scatters and destroys your creativity, your possibilities and your faith.

As doubts disseminate you and your energy, faith brings totality, courage and consolidation of your energy. When you have inner strength it is because inside, you have based yourself on an inner conviction. Your daily self-commitment, what ever that may be, meditation, yoga, service or self inquiry, fortifies your faith, fortifies the opportunity to connect with a natural space of thriving. Faith brings courage, justice, boldness and a meditative equanimity of all your potentials. When you feel feeble and weak you have doubts. When in your life you feel determined, direct and committed you are highlighting this divine attribute of faith.

Faith is not about a series of codes to follow, it is about the inner conviction that you are a divine identity with gifts to unfold, with potentials to discover and with contributions to make. By exercising faith we gain equanimity and awareness of the self.