Dissolving and being reborn in the infinite moment

is the ultimate purification and expression of life and love.”

To understand dissolution, I can give you the image of the moment where the drop of water turns to ice (or vice versa). In this process, the element of water remains the same, but its new form allows for a different state of being and function.

Dissolving does not stop you from being what you are but accepts other ways of being. It is to accept infinity as your permanent element, like water that takes on different states of form.

Dissolving is intimately related to non-identification and to clarity of perception. For example, you see your childhood as far-off and relate to that stage of your life through memories, and you know that your form and perception is not that of a child. In the same way, direct perception of your infinite self allows you to see that you are no longer a person with human concerns.

In dissolution, the mind transits from linear logic to paradoxical thinking. Opposites are viewed as complementary, pain as grace and exclusions as a form of unity. The understanding of paradoxical thinking is the first step into inner dissolution, simply because it abolishes duality and includes all parts of you as a centre point of existence.

Let’s look at some stages of perception that allow for this delicate yet profound departure from what you think you are.

Dissolution of the Sense that “I am The Physical Body”:

In this aspect of dissolution, the seeker realizes: “I am the body, I am not the body”.

“I am not the body” relates to the acceptance of form as a manifestation of density, time and impermanence.  “I am not the body” accepts density as a transitorial existence and liberates any identification with time.  The readjustment of this concept liberates the notion of physical death and linear time. Each asana (inner position) invites the seeker to dissolve the corresponding nadi (energetic channel) into the sense of “I am not the body”.

“I am the body” relates to the realization that within density, there are channels of life which sustain the flow of infinity. The body is accepted as a divine vehicle which holds and expresses essence. The readjustment of this concept liberates the grip of the 5 elements as an identity.

The paradoxical existence of form is understood by realizing that the physical body is both impermanent and eternal.

Dissolution of the Sense of Not Being Loved

In this aspect of dissolution, the seeker accepts the divine Love as its source of safety and joy. The resistance to being loved dissolves the notion of individuality and relaxes the seeker into the sense of belonging. By dissolving the resistance to being loved, the seeker transcends spiritual insecurities and breaks ties with other forms of karmic love.

Dissolution into the Void

In this aspect, the seeker accepts its reality in the latent state of existence and has realized the plasticity of existence, which turns itself back into existence at will. The seeker is free of any asanas (positions) and is liquefied into a flexible and permanent state of existence. There is an implosion in the heart, as the seeker abandons all exterior sense of life. By accepting the void as a source of life, the seeker is healed from any exteriorizations and their karmic impacts.

Dissolution is managed by the cycles of the moon expressed in the hour of the day. They will touch the different systems of the physical body and the latent subconscious impressions in correct and perfect order.