If we can imagine that our concerns take the form of a cloud over the subject (or object) that we are concerned about, we can start to understand the great energy that departs from our energy field, literally invading the energetic space of the other.

We are not aware that the energy that has departed from us is the very life juice of our love and alchemy. We don’t realize that our invasion is a weight on the other, a lack of respect for the other and interferes with the personal choices of the other.

Parents, spouses, or simply our personal will is constantly looking for the well-being of the other. Concerns do not help; concerns work against our deep desire for the other be happy. Mostly, concerns take away from us the vision that we are creators. With concerns, we create a heavy reality for ourself and for others.

We can use concerns to hide our own personal empowerment. When we are concerned, we are “out there”: out of our power, out of our centre, out of the realization that we truly have the alchemy to change our reality. In a way, our concerns emerge from the awareness (and preoccupation) that we are at the mercy of unknown forces that we think we need to protect ourveles from.  Concern arises when you are not in your power, when you are not in surrender.

Yes, it is a fact that you don’t know what is coming, but you do know that whatever is coming is in strict relationship with the actions, thoughts or intentions that you have put in motion at one point in time.

Under concern is a victim. Under concern is control towards others. Under concern is insecurity that we cannot handle our reality. Under concern is unspoken prayer and lack of surrender. Realize that concern does not demonstrate love; it only debilitates you and disrespects the other. This includes the concerns you have for your own life.

Once you are in your centre, you know that you can manage and impact your reality through your creativity, your resources and your wisdom. When service comes from that place, it is respectful and considers that each of us has challenges and lessons to learn privately and at our own rhythm. It is only from that space that we can really relax before the great mystery of life.

I once witnessed a person who was very concerned about her young son. As she spoke about her concerns, I could see her energy going out of her and on top of the child. I witnessed that the child was having to deal both with his own challenges at school and  the expectations of his mother. This made the child immobile: his energy was not strong enough to shake the energy of his mother, nor was it strong enough to have clarity in front of his challenges.

If well-placed, the energy of the mother would return to her and be used to create her own reality and to supply for the needs of the family. In a way, the mother was hiding from her responsibility as the creator of her own challenges. Once the mother understood that deviation of light and love, the child could find his own place of clarity, and she could support him with her strong and secure energy field.