Sooner or later the seeker arrives at a place in which all in creation is reflected, felt and lived as a pure awareness. Tears naturally jump out of the eyes in this blissful, detached space of witnessing. It is a feeling of vulnerability; however, there is great power and safety imparted by this deep partnership. Creation in you, offers the great dance that stops time and allows the powerful innocence of the heart to come forward.

This space is easily recognizable and arises during unexpected moments. The seeker must stay effortlessly in this space and not see it as a sentiment. It is this sensibility that will connect all parts of the inner structure. It will consolidate a state of belonging or being part of creation. It is sweet, spontaneous and permanent.

As you pass through this stage a certain inner strength is molded in the inner structure. Slowly, you gain the power to contain all within, all aspects of creation embedded in all its forms. With this, the heart acquires immense compassion, intense beauty and profound belonging.

This stage must be held without sentiment. It really is not a feeling. It is a state that transcends the emotions; however, it may be experienced as an emotion. When you are in this state and make this instant distinction you are able to advance deeper into merging with creation.

With no other words I can call it “grounded bliss”. The body is in a hypersensitive state or receptive to form (or to the ones alike). The witness is acute and sharp. The heart is a waterfall of wonder and the eyes are soft, innocent and open.

At the end of the day this state is the culmination of contact. You are merging, understanding and perceiving your nature through the different movements of the form. In a way it is the spirit descending into form and you are witnessing this mystery. The heart announces this miracle and rejoices in a very quiet and private way.

In this process, another part of you is taken; another piece is given to the source and in return the source embraces your soft heart in its infinite fragility.