We belong to all

Moving from understanding to service

The efforts of Berdhanya to bring people together has taken many forms. The creation of councils is a way of learning through the interaction and cooperation of other students that get together to put their skills to work in the service of humanity. The councils are a way of interacting safely with the purpose of generating a community movement that offers resources and services for the well-being of the whole. In the program of mastery, this module is of great importance, since it moves the seeker from their intellectual understanding of the teachings to the hands-on approach. It is in that interaction that our internal actions can be seen, corrected and upgraded.

Council of Family and Children

We support educators and family wellness

This council has been operating since 2011 with the intention to strengthen the identity of children and to supply to parents and educators tools to support new generations in a holistic way. This council offers services of Yoga for children, Yoga teacher training for children, family ayurvedic nutrition training, lifestyle and natural living. To get involved in this council, please contact the director: Satkiana Swan



Council of Sacred Community

Our council promotes fraternity and a sense of belonging

Sacred community is natural in the flow of life. It springs from a strong reverence and service to Earth and all its inhabitants. In sacred community, members link parts of their inner world to the outer world, to the seen worlds and the unseen worlds. By making this link through; honoring the passage of time and earth cycles, performing ceremonies of rites of life’s passages (birth, death, divorce, rebirth, etc.) and communities gatherings. The Sacred Community  Council supports and upholds the movement of spiritual transformation on the planet, and becomes a sincere service to all beings.

To get involve or request ceremonies contact the director Bermalva


Bhakti in the Woods Festival – Aug. 19, 20, 21 2016

The 4th Edition. A festival for the whole family, dedicated to initiating wholeness in all of humanity. A co-creation and celebration of Life on Earth through sacred sound and healing.

You will hear ancient and new chants, healing songs, laughter and the sounds of the birds. You will see new and old friends, treasures for the senses, gifts and products to support, taste foods and treats that will delight, and feel the wind, sun, stars all around. Experience what this festival has to offer through sacred music and programming that integrates all the elements. Upon leaving the festival feel an awakened sense of community, belonging, and reverance for all things. Ending the summer here has never been so sweet!

This is the experience of Bhakti in the Woods. Join us!

Willka T’ika’s Children’s Fund Peru; a way to mature your heart.

Mature your heart

You can empower yourself by contributing to the well being of this communities. Take a dollar a day, and at the end of the month donate to Wilka Tilka children Fund. Make it a habit for as long as you can. We truly appreciate your support.

WT_Web_1151The Willka T’ika Children’s Fund, established in 1995, supports the education of Quechua children in remote Andean villages that receive no local, national, or foreign funding.The Willka T’ika Children’s Fund was inspired by the vision and work of Matilde and Rosa, teachers at a little mountain school in Patakancha.


WT_Web_1159Currently the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund assists six hundred Quechua children in four schools in communities critically needing assistance. The Fund helps to provide school buildings, libraries, kitchens, multipurpose rooms, books, and school supplies. The Fund also supports mothers in traditional weaving programs, and provides blankets and traditional Andean clothing for children during cold winter months. Emergency medical assistance, clothing, and schools supplies are offered to hundreds of Quechua children each year.


WT_Web_1104In addition to the regular education curriculum, the Fund fosters self-sufficiency training through its School for Life programs, which teach life skills—such as business skills, greenhouse projects, carpentry, ceramic production, and raising guinea pigs for protein—and also encourages the continuation of ancient Andean traditions.

Learn more about Wilka T’ika project


Children of the New Earth. part 1 and 2

Conversations with Berdhanya and Satkiana Shawn. This talk touches the needs of our children in our modern world. Where they are coming from and how we can support their sensibility and talents.

This 7 weeks audio course is an inspiration for any woman who is blessed or seeking to be a mother.

Learn with this book about the children energy development.

This sweet Yoga book is fully illustrate with evocative and inspiring 44 color images to supply children with a daily yoga practice. An engaging story invites the child to be confidence in having earth experiences as well as remembering where they come from. This book is suitable to 5 to 10 years old children.

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