Commotion: The Destroyer of Creative Actions

When any of the stories that you form in your head touch the emotional body you start to spin with commotion. The intertwining of the mind and the emotional body really produce the type of perception you choose to have. If in your mind you create a story of being a victim, your emotional body will look to match this thought with feelings of despair, hopelessness and abandonment. Commotions are created when feelings come from inner conversations which are not real. They will create “false emotions” which will induce you to apply your personal will.

I have encountered people with minds in the victim position, where they think they cannot stand in life in an independent and powerful way. They make mediocre choices because of the position of their mind. They avoid effort, excellence and self-commitment. They project their happiness unto the attention and care of others. They look to be saved and they remain passive in their creativity and initiative. This mind attitude partners up with an emotion that matches this perception: disinterested, flat, sad, depressed, alone, abandoned, resentful and unloved. So this is the true reality of people with this kind of mind.

The feelings that come from this false perception not only injure the truth of the heart, but also create a series of actions which are based on a commotional self, instead of truth and compassion.

Commotion invites actions that are not congruent with reality; therefore, these actions coming from reactions are not fertile to produce success and real change or sincere participation in life. Commotion is an immature emotion that only leads to pain, more despair and affirmation of a false perception. It makes you insecure because you lose you intuition, your creativity and the real function of the emotional body which is to project your passions.

You will know if you are choosing commotion when you have a premeditative action. For instance, while in a relationship, you see that you are not getting the attention you want so you decide to display coolness, remove yourself and be indifferent. Your hope is that the other will come to you and “rescue” or “investigate” your suffering. This intention will follow an emotion and a perception of abandonment, injustice, blame and even an excuse about why you are like this. This is commotion which places you in a phantom reality.

Commotion usually has a counterpart. If you premeditate an action of being cold and removing yourself, you most probably are playing the opposite – being charming, seductive and involved. This attitude of “I am doing my best” is also unreal. It is also a commotion that makes your mind spin and your heart deeply sad. Be aware that either position is stealing your real life from you. Be aware that most people are linked by a collective chain of commotions.

You may start the commotion choices early in childhood and adopt a perception of yourself and the world accordingly. You may hold unto commotion as a way of living and find it hard to get out of it. The reason for this is that it means to accept all you think you are and that all your life is a construction of your commotional self. All this time you have been just phony, insincere and fundamentally destructive.

You don’t need big therapies to get out of commotion which most of the time reaffirm the commotion or destroys what you have. All you need is to have a sincere decision to relate authentically and to communicate these needs that you may find childish in a direct way. You need to know your reactive self and put a conscious stop to it.

If you feel hurt by others, stop for a moment before acting and question if they really have had the intention to hurt or abandon you. Most of the time you will find this reality check will take you out of your reactions and will place you in a place of creative action.

Creative action has no agenda, utilizes what is in front of you with full enthusiasm and creates a reality which is cooperative, service oriented and connected. Creative action gives you energy while commotion borrows energy from you.

Awakening is nothing more or less then to abandon the commotions and countless reactions you have about everything and to allow the true emotions to display their passions. The heart gets really bruised with commotions and the result is that the heart doesn’t have the true capacity to be compassionate, truthful and content.