Chronic Power

Authority is a concept that the mind has created to keep you away from your power. When you see others, as “they want to control me”, you are seeing them as superior to you. You see yourself as powerless. By seeing others “having or wanting control” you are subconsciously stimulating your sense of being inferior. This self- deflating perception will see others in power, in control, and you at the end will seek to destroy them. You will be passive, charming but inside you are seeking the imaginable throne of control, power and authority.

You will perceive endless faults in your enemy, and you will make sure that the other knows their faults. You will exalt yourself by putting someone down. What you are not realizing is that by adopting this position you are feeding your inner insecurity and that you are going deeply into the hole of disempowerment.

Disempowerment means not to take responsibility, to avoid doing things or to do things that you need to take care only half way, incompletely. The “in charge” responsibility can be referring to your daily routine or the display of your gifts. In disempowerment you expect others to compensate for your lack of presence in your responsibility. You create excuses about why you cannot do things – to tired- to sick-to much-or you expand your hopes in a better life someplace else, or in better relationships. However, at the end, you place a great expectation on your relationships to make you happy and well.

Authority in your natural self is unnatural because in the heart we all have a place, our own uniqueness, are loved, welcomed and healed. In the heart the lower and higher disappear and the power and no power are dissolved. The whole is perceived as a majestic display of uniqueness which interacts in cooperation with each other and in harmony for the enrichment of the individuals.

The illusion of control arises when you are dwelling in insecurity and fear. The illusion of opposing control is a futile reaction of fear and a misconception of power. Fighting authority will only end up in reaffirming your smallness and enhancing your destructive tendencies. It will make you competitive and manipulative and it will take you away from the source of life and Love: the heart.

Self-empowerment doesn’t come from speaking what is on your mind or doing what you want. The formula for self-empowerment is simple: the more responsibility you have the more power you have. Understand that self-responsibility covers simple things like your daily routine, to social involvement.

The first step to moving out of self-disempowerment is to recognize that you are seeking power. There is no second step, except to sincerely give up the game. To see that it is futile and that it is destroying in you all possibilities of real success and real amicable relations. Give up the invented kingdom you have created for yourself – your false sense of independence, your false sense of glory, and your false sense of being.

Your only remedy is compassion. It is to have compassion for your heart which has been so lonely and so isolated. Have compassion for the one you have attacked and have compassion for the one you have perhaps not allowed to see you and to really love you.