Real life appears with each step you take and disappears in each step you leave behind.

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Berdhanya Mystic Teachings

Relaxing into Chaos

(Satsang, January 9, 2018)   Berdhanya: Chaos is an opportunity and its counterpart is joy. When joy is not expressed, when it is being repressed or manipulated, you become chaotic.   A little bit of chaos is good. That's why I never keep you as eternal monks. You...

Coping with life is not any more a choice

Once you're aware of the challenges that you're facing in your life, you have the choice between 3 options for how to live:  1. Coping: You can try to cope with the inevitable evolutive challenges by trying many different dances around a single solution. However,...

The Call to Respect the Power of a Woman’s Moon Cycle

As women, we are privileged to have a natural cycle that gives us the ability to understand two important aspects of life: activities that are constructive, creative and expanding;  and those that call us to go within, to reflect, and to renew ourselves. What Modern...