Real life appears with each step you take and disappears in each step you leave behind.

The topics of contemplation in the following months:

Jan: Attributions of the natural self.

Feb: What is the source?

March: The will of the body

April: What is fussing?

May: The non-identity of the source.

June: The cave of resonances.

We invite you to interact with the teachings in different formats. Meditations, intensives, shamanic work, retreat, and one on one.

Berdhanya Mystic Teachings

Dissolving into infinity

“Dissolving and being reborn in the infinite moment is the ultimate purification and expression of life and love.” To understand dissolution, I can give you the image of the moment where the drop of water turns to ice (or vice versa). In this process, the element of...

The facts of Woman’s Self Worth

Everything Rises or Falls in Accordance with Our Radiance I can honestly say that the efficiency, happiness, and health of my family, friends, and business have a direct correlation with my self-evaluation. In my experience, any time that I have failed to fully...

The gate of obedience

The most delicate passage for the seeker is to surrender their own will without being submissive to an invented outer authority (god, teacher, community). The construction of an outside authority has an intimate relationship with the choice of being a victim as a way...