Real life appears with each step you take, and disappears in each step you leave behind.

The topics of contemplation in the following months:

September: The nature of self-orbits

October: The gravity of the self.

November: Orbits at the cellular level

December: Declaring the source of beingness

Jan 2019: The freedom of the form.

We invite you to interact with the teachings in different formats. Meditations, intensives, shamanic work, retreat, and one on one.

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Berdhanya Mystic Teachings

Interventions and Effortlessness

(From Silent Retreat, May 2018) In your process of introspection, it’s natural that you pass through the body of the mind and it’s also natural that you would like to get rid of the mind or to pacify yourself from the pain of thinking. If we approach the mind from the...

The Psychological Self and the stamina of the heart

Notes from the Intensive, May 2018 in Wakefield What is stamina? Stamina is endurance. While the practice makes you sensible, sensitive and perceptive, the persona will throw stuff at you stuff: doubts, interventions, transformational things, fear, conversations of...

The 5 Gates to Humbleness

We are on Earth to cultivate humbleness and to reclaim the life force as our master. Our experiences are a doorway to humbleness, as we learn to belong to the moment without judgement, resistance or struggle. When we release and extract the life force from our...