By Berdhanya

The body is a collection of memories; it gathers information in every instant, not only from what we touch, see and hear but also from our relationships and internal tendencies. The aura or the electromagnetic field is a fluctuating combination of electricity, plasma and gravity. It can be overloaded by information we pick up here and there.

Yogis, sages, mystics and prophets for thousands of years have protected their energy field using the elements. Some of them cover themselves in mud, others dip themselves in waters or do fires and smokes. Others have gone into isolation, preventing any contact with other frequencies except from nature.

In modern times the emphasis is on having daily showers and, in some traditions, the use of herbs to smug. However, the actual awareness and intention of aura purification has been lost.

We may not realize that the overload of information in the aura has a great impact on the clarity of our thoughts, inspirations and the direction of our behaviors. We may understand better if we have an image of ourselves going to a supermarket. We consciously select some items that we take home. However, these same items have been on a journey to get to the supermarket. Many people have handled them and they go to many different warehouses and countries.

We touch these items and eat them. Their energy becomes part of our cellular vibration, producing certain emotional and mental tendencies. In the same way, our aura is recording, in a multidimensional way, all the inner and outer information. Some information is ours, some is not. However, at the end of the day we need to discern and manage these impurities.

Children, mediums and artists are especially sensitive to environmental energies. They are designed to “download” inspiration and to use this as a formative aspect of their perception. Meditation and other mindful daily practices are part of the stabilization of external influences and internal pre-dispositions. Also, the use of the different elements is of great help.

Here are a few recommendations for aura cleansing:

  • Expose yourself to sun and moon baths
  • Expose yourself to wind and Agni Hotra fires, healing fires that purify the atmosphere from healing science of Ayurveda
  • Make a herbal bath with cedar leaves in spring and salt in summer
  • Wash your clothes separate from other members of the family or from other household items
  • Learn to make an aura cleanser using essential oils (Contact Face to Grace,, a carrier of a 7-day aura cleansing product)
  • Wash your feet before going to bed
  • Burn incense
  • Spend time in nature
  • Have a daily practice of meditation and breath work
  • Don’t watch TV

Teaching children to take care of their subtle bodies, makes them aware of their multidimensional existence and helps them navigate in the world of form more consciously. A daily practice of meditation is also of great importance in balancing the various influences of our greatly packed society.

Artists and mediums have no other choice than to give priority to meditation, time in solitude and selection of environment. Once they realize how much they are affected by the aura frequency of others, they will realize the importance of these suggestions.

May the beautiful organ of your electromagnetic field shine like the sun, reflect like the moon and represent all your inspirations, grace and skills.