4 ways to activate the illuminated heart

From the Teachings of the mystic heart

To connect, explore and learn from the masters of the 12 rays is effortless. Once the little heart and the karmic heart are not bound by any identification, they give space for existence to reveal itself. Your state of peace becomes a witness to the dynamics of creation and naturally the subtle flavors of the 12 rays start to be more evident and practical in your daily life.

We can consciously stimulate our connection with the 12 rays when we master 4 important empowerments. They are a pre-requisite to unlock the gates of time and to meet the parts of us that are reflected by other subtle beings in existence.


1.-Qualify yourself

The illuminated heart is the realm of queens, masters, councilors, librarians and so forth. Each of these roles is clear and performed with excellence in the majestic cosmic drapery. This constant commitment to display our abilities and to challenge our limitations, brings inner security and brings an unshakable self-qualification.

When we are secure in ourselves of what we are, what our contribution is and what our gifts and our role in life are we qualify our self in space. When we are solid in our self-esteem and when we are free of guilt and all the conversations of the little heart we are at an honest point of qualifying our purity, our attributes and our capabilities.

This empowerment can be tricky to admit, since it is in constant movement. We are always part of a cycle of learning. We can be at the point of a transition where the lessons have been completed and we need to move to another expression, or we can be at the beginning of a new, old space of learning. In either moment there is perfection. You are not less because you are learning something new or in grief by letting go of something. Your self-qualification has no relationship to your cycles and the moods of your acquisitions. It is a deep state of recognition of what you are and what you are capable of discharging to contribute to existence.

We need to qualify our humanness in all stages of being; we need to qualify our infinity with all its attributes and roles that it can take. By this humble recognition, the gates of the illuminated heart offer you a “position”, a recognition and the right of participation. When we qualify our existence, existence qualifies us.

In 2011, I remember entering into the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco, Peru which is the location of the second chakra of the earth. My husband and I had a very specific task to accomplish. We wanted to present to the Council of Incarnation the proposal, that newborn humans on earth, have the right to gain self-realization in one lifetime. This was an original right that was removed from us and we wanted to restore this right.

As we entered the chamber of the council there were many “clerks and bureaucracy” who were delaying our meeting with the high council. We were patient for a few seconds waiting to be considered; however, nothing happened until I raised my presence and let them know that Bhuvaneswari, the Organizer of the Universe was in the room. After this announcement everything changed. A large round table was presented to us and we were invited to sit with the masters and not only negotiate our petition, but also qualify ourselves as keepers of this part of the earth. It was a qualification made by the recognition of our capacities and our commitments to earth’s healing.

2.-Respect all forms of life.

We gain respect when we show respect, when we consider others and when we take a genuine care for all forms of life. This may sound very simplistic, but when you are dealing with the illuminated heart, this quality is a key to sitting in a chair of the higher councils.

Respect means letting others manage their own affairs, removing ourselves from any interventions and understanding that each individual has his/her own cycle and the right to explore free will. We respect the choices of others and at the same time we don’t hold back any contribution that is requested from us.

3.-Serve all forms of life.

Celebration is the other side of service. Service is not necessarily about serving others in a context that agrees with people’s own ego, or making things personal. Service is really an attitude that makes you think in terms of solutions for the betterment of all forms of life. Service is an innate frequency within you. It is an inevitable partnership with celebration, respect and being resourceful.

Service comes into fruition when you are truly yourself. You are real, genuine and sincere with life. You know that the first master to serve is your body and that your mind and actions have to serve your destiny. It is in this moment of clarity and being you that you truly serve existence. Otherwise you may be tapping into a concept of what it means to serve, how to serve and end up being depleted by those internal concepts and external demands.

When the frequency of service is activated within you, you become sensitive to the pain of others, you are alert to the real needs of people, plants and animals, and you have a non-stop attitude of doing what is needed to alleviate any stress. The illuminated heart gives you a bountiful energy because it is its nature to serve all forms of life.

I have encountered really good hearts being burned out in the name of service, because of false conceptions about how and what is service. The most common distortions of service are:

1.-I have to serve to be good in front of the eyes of God-man-woman or children. This guilt-based belief system brings an attitude of the martyr with submissiveness and disempowerment of our own voice. It does not allow either the integration or acceptance of our unpleasant challenges. This belief prevents us from expanding our own true identity.

2.-Serving is to give up my will. The insecurity about what you really are, and the ignorance that you are a real co-creator of life, creates a perception of duality: master vs. servant. This dual understanding of consciousness brings resentment if you think you are in the role of the servant (they are abusing me) and brings tyranny if you think you are in the role of the master (I know better). These beliefs hurt your ability to surrender and to unite the master/servant attribute of life.

3.-Serving brings rewards. This common agenda in people in front of serving debilitates their stamina and the fluidity of serving. Yes, it is true that service brings rewards, but usually not in the way the ego thinks. The only reward of service is our own happiness and satisfaction to put our gifts at the feet of others. The agenda of recognition, fame or admiration is an injury to your heart.

4. Utilize all forms of life.

Plants, animals and all sentient beings from all kingdoms love to serve us. They find meaning in their existence when we utilize their gifts, when we value them and when we pass them to others. It is a higher way of sharing where all sentient beings share what they are and what they have.

One of my most intimate friendships has been with a midwife from the ray of the sage woman. In shamanic healing with students and clients she is always present and attentive to what I need. She invites other beings and their gifts at the precise moment and is able to inform me of details that may be escaping my awareness. I won’t say she is my guide, but she surely feels proud and useful in serving my mission on earth.

I can mention many moments where countless beings show up offering their gifts so I can pass them to people in need of them. By sharing and accepting their contribution I am utilizing earth resources and I am making things useful. Each ray has a very specific gift that can be utilized in different moments of your development and in the development of your mystic heart.

Can you imagine for a moment all the things you have in your house? Some are in storage and you never use them, some are in use and some are there just in case you need them later. Well, in the dynamics of the illuminated heart, everything has an active role, an important role and you as a human, co-creator of reality has the ability, the right and the means to utilize existing resources.

The qualities of each of the rays are manifesting on earth with your unique personality and your passions. As you manifest more and more the qualities of the illuminated heart your destiny is revealed and earth acquires balance and unity.