Dear Ones,

The 2019 year is now closing it doors for us after much satisfaction, exploration and learning. The teachings have taken many forms and formats for you to explore the themes of affection, introduction to ancestry and fusion.

The notes provided below are intended to help you review your understanding and your resources more clearly. Many of the teachings are available either in books or as original recordings. Some recordings were lost due to rain, winds, or in the sands of deserts.

In any case, you can use the following guidelines to review your learnings and the activities that we undertook this year.



In 2019, we saw the release of 9 books:

  1. The Return of the Warriors (e-book – $12)
  2. Inner Cell Fusion (e-book- $18)
  3. Reconciliation : A Guide to Restore Your Inner Heart (e-book – $25)
  4. The Alchemist (printed in limited copies)
  5. The 9 Gates to Mastery ($27)
  6. Lost Secrets of the Feminine ($25)
  7. Imagination: The Language of Alchemy ($25)
  8. Whispers of Essence (e-book – $15)
  9. Mastery in Retrospective (e-book – free for mastery students)

We translate the colossal book “Mastering reality” to Spanish and “Principals of Ayurveda” to Slovakian.

All of our publications are available through Eagle Feather Books, or through my website. Thank you to our dedicated team of transcribers, translators and editors for all their work!

7 Intensives in Wakefield

The oracle readings ( Matthew work) of your energy and your own experiences are the one that gives form to these studies, with teachings and experiments to facilitate alignments in the structure of being and experiential comprehensions of the teachings. Here some titles of those alignements:

  1. Healing and genetics
  2. Saturation and resonance
  3. The pure desire
  4. Essence breath
  5. On the white light
  6. Pride and self qualification
  7. Extracting alchemy


This year, we opened a space for free satsangs to allow individuals  to feel inspired and for you to be informed of the opportunities available at each moon, and to balance its influences.

Our topics were:

  1. Inner ceremonies
  2. The nectar of belonging
  3. The child from the future
  4. How to deal with defeat
  5. The affection of maintenance
  6. The treaty to change
  7. Affection and multidimensional self
  8. The supreme light of the source.

All of these recordings are available on Berdhanya’s Soundcloud page.



The following social movements allowed the teachings to be represented socially and for you to come out in relation to a purpose.

  • The Circle of Affection: A wonderful experiment which started with an online group ( 700 participants) and ended up with a book (soon to be released).


  • The Hugs and Meditation Project: This experiment reinforced telepathic sympathy with other types of frequencies.


  • The Turquoise Temple: Thanks to the initiative of the community, we had a great platform to bring meditation and make connections in different locations and festivals.


  • Ayurveda Open House: We support the ayurveda open house in Ottawa with the intention to bring awareness of natural healing to the ottawa community. 


  • Public Satsangs: Our word was also heard in public satsangs in Cartagena, India, the Yukon, Vienna and Lady smith, Quebec.


  • Cosmometry Course Facilitated by Octok: A great course, thank you.


  • Meetings with Remarkable People: As the year closes, we have embarked on a new series of interviews with remarkable people as a way to invite to our community to link with other vibrant frequencies.

I am grateful to the community for your enthusiasm and expression in this social events!


You continually offer platforms for us to jump higher and soar deeper into essence.  It is an absolute joy to be your student and to cocreate in mastery with you! Satkiana

I feel liberated
— soaring through space,
      being free!
         to start creating — & Listening
–You have given me the awareness to SEE deeply!!—

Thank you…


12 Retreats and multiple ceremonies

This year we facilitated: 6 canadian retreats including 3 silent retreats, 1 Sha,  2 Edmonton retreats and 5 international retreats, including Colombia, Slovakia, Dallas, Ecuador, and New Mexico (twice).

I cannot count the multiple ceremonies that we have done this year, where we covered public spaces (like at the Bancroft Gemboree) or in very private places (like in the deserts of New Mexico). All of these made an impact on our hearts and showed us incredible teachings.

18 Meditations in Ottawa

This year, our meditations and satsangs cultivated the theme of affection in relation to the structure of belonging. We are making small but profound reassurances to adapt the structure of belonging as our way of relating and being.

Our topics included:

  1. Divine will in the physical body
  2. Intro to Fusion
  3. The circle of affection
  4. Morning start
  5. The role of little people
  6. Meditation to balance after a sun eclipse
  7. Affection in the soul bodies
  8. Affection in the spirit bodies
  9. My Life love me
  10. Affection and fairness
  11. Fractal heart
  12. Affection in the central channel and channeling
  13. The scale of existence
  14. Scales and multidimensions
  15. Broadcasting to ancestors
  16. The new moon light and male ammoniation
  17. Patience and care
  18. Non-linear time.

All meditations are available for download for

$ 10.00


6 Online Courses with the Council of Earth

Our remarkable group of light workers continues to be a platform to aid and connect with earth dynamics.

These courses are gracefully transcribed by Isabela and much of their knowledge are in the published books available.


  1. Ancestry and multidimensions ( book coming soon)
  2. Christ as an analogy of dissolution (book not yet available)
  3. Fusion of the inner self
  4. Fusion of multiple dimensions
  5. Essence and perception
  6. The return of the warriors

International Communities

Spanish Teachings

As you know offers a link to the south to receive teachings and inspirations. This year, we offered

  • 9 free satsangs,
  • 6 online courses,
  • one silent retreat,
  • 2 practical awakenings courses
  • Publication of the book ” El derecho interno”.
  • and a formation of a community in Ecuador.
  • This site also has now a library of level One courses.


Slovakian Teachings

Thanks to Maria we have now have a lovely community in Slovakia, 1 book in ayurveda, the practical awakening course online, a page on my site, a blog in Slovakian that is fed often and a social media page. Great contribution! Thank you Maria.

This community enjoy monthly Free satsangs.


Upgrades to Our Teaching Centres


This year, our Ottawa Teaching Centre was refreshed and expanded! Students can now use new facilities and a large room  to teach and explore their expression. All is available to you. I hope it will serve you well.

We also rehabilitated the cottage and grounds in Ladysmith to facilitate better grounds for retreats. Matthew already has plans to keep all retreats as  Ladysmith in 2020. Look forward for the expansions.


300 hours of private meetings.

You still have the opportunity to come for an individual session, to understand and interact in quality time with the teacher. I am hoping that this personal format allows you to understand your themes of transformation this year, as well as belief system and personal approach.

Ayurveda Support

You did have the opportunity to come for healing and purification sessions at VIVEDA. We understand and interact with your health with  qualified practitioners and Ayurvedic Dr. Thank you Sebastian and Dr. Shamna for your support and dedication. 

Projections for 2020


2020 is a great year of transformation and alignment with your higher you (ancestries), and we will be facilitating programs that support in greater depth the exploration and purification of your ancestral expression.

I am already excited to announce “EVOLUTION: The School of Higher Thinking” a platform which will allow students to participate in new online courses and to virtually accompany us on different journeys.

I’m also planning to upload certain materials to the school’s platform which are currently resting in my library and are perhaps important to review. For that, we will create a monthly membership with access to these teachings.

Finally, I will be offering students the opportunity to express more consistently their wisdom, this platform by inviting and supporting the creation of student contributions.

We will launching this platform with the online course “the heart of Belonging” designed for members of the Council of Earth or any individual interested in inner evolution.

Matthew will also add an exciting second course to this platform in February 2020 called: “The 5 Hybrid Races”. Very exciting times!

Our site front page will guide you to the school. VERY SOON.

Well, doing all this review makes me feel full and satisfied in the realization that you have been well fed, with plenty of opportunities to abandon your mind and to link with your true reality.

May each of you be blessed with my gratitude and love, and may our partnership continue to co-create the human that’s in agreement with the supreme love and compassion of the ONE.